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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What does Logistics.ONE do exactly?

Logistics.ONE is software developed to support activities for drivers and deliverers, also if they partly work as mechanics or installers. Logistics.ONE addresses processes of companies active in logistics and transport, with a focus on what happens outside of trucks or vans. Logistics.ONE works as an add-on to a central system, presents all details to the people outside, records what takes place, synchronizes it with your central systems and allows you to communicate all required information to all parties involved. Logistics.ONE is flexible and easy to configure; the software should fully adapt to your process and your "look & feel".

For what kind of companies is Logistics.ONE suitable?

Logistics.ONE can be used by any transportation company or logistics service provider. The services of our customers are very diverse. For example Logistics.ONE is used in night deliveries, web deliveries, two man deliveries, furniture transport possibly including assembly, medicine transport, sand and gravel transport, transport of building materials, High Tech deliveries including installations, consumer deliveries, barcode scanning processes, fat collection in restaurants and supermarkets and the registration and collection of samples.

Can the use of Logistics.ONE lead to savings?

Yes, but the impact of the deployment of Logistics.ONE is of course also dependent on your current situation. If you are still using a lot of paper in the communication between the office and your people outside, the amount of work in the office will decrease. If you have been working with an outdated solution for several years, you may be able to make more stops per trip. If you offer cash-on-delivery services with a mobile pin device and a lot of figuring out in the evening, then with our integrated solution you will have full insight at the push of a button. If you have a custom solution now, we will probably be able to realize your future needs much faster with our standard functionality.

What standard functionality can I find in Logistics.ONE?

Logistics.ONE offers extensive standard functionality including order management, barcode scanning, cash on delivery registration, packaging, dynamic surveys, adding files, taking photos, digital signatures, time tracking, GPS Track & Trace, telephony, navigation, instructions and alerts on deviations. In addition, we have optional components such as monitoring, Parcel Trace, Easy Enrollment, Survey Editor, payment solutions, LO1 Connector and many more.

We want to monitor the process in action, do you have a solution for that?

Yes, through our cloud environment we offer as an extra option the deployment of various monitor functions. For example, to show the GPS location, the progress of a trip, the status of a stop, or a delivery receipt.

Is Logistics.ONE multilingual?

Yes, Logistics.ONE is standard available in 6 languages, Dutch, English, German, French, Polish and Spanish. In addition it is easy to add a language or replace an existing one, even if it has to be Chinese or Russian.

We need management information, is that possible with Logistics.ONE?

Yes, this is possible by using our Report Engine, which compiles the required reports from the Logistics.ONE database.

We deliver goods but also services, can Logistics.ONE support that?

That is part of the core quality of Logistics.ONE software. Logistics.ONE is used for example in the delivery and installation of white and brown goods, the delivery and assembly of furniture and the delivery and installation of kitchens, hospital equipment, ATMs, gaming machines, computer equipment, printers, medical devices and solar panels.

In which countries is Aventeon active?

Aventeon has clients in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Spain. We would like to be active throughout Europe.

On what kind of mobile devices can I use Logistics.ONE?

Logistics.ONE should be installed on a device with the Android operating system. Our customers use rugged mobile handheld computers from manufacturers like Honeywell, Zebra and Point Mobile, mobile phones, consumer tablets like Samsung or rugged tablets from Zebra or Honeywell.


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